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August 26, 2010

Reasons I Love Movies: Robberies Gone Wrong

I absolutely love movies, so I have decided to highlight certain aspects from films that I am fond of in order to bring some of my favorite silver screen moments to you. Today we will look at two different robberies that did not work out the way they were intended to. I tried to find the best clips I could, and I will tell you when during the clip the scene takes place. Let the laughs begin.

Mr. Deeds - 2002

Great staged mugging scene in order to bring recent billionaire Mr. Deeds in contact with reporter Babe Bennet. Poor Allen Covert takes a beating at around the 7:35 mark in this clip.

Coming To America - 1988

Honestly, everytime I see Samuel L. Jackson in ANYTHING I automatically think back to this botched robbery of McDowells from the Eddie Murphy classic film. Just one of many funny parts in the movie... honetly, Sam Jackson just catches a bad decision on this one.

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