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August 24, 2010

The Rap Map... This Shit Is Real Son!!!

Shout out to our boy Joe Esq for putting us on to this Google map/ awesomeness that tries to teach people about various locations from the history of hip hop. Not only do they highlight the typical spots in NYC and LA, they also hit upon cities like Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco and highlight some not so typical hip hop staples such as a Pizza Hut/ Taco Bell combination restaurant on Jamaica Ave in Queens. I also like how they put a quote from a song for each entry. Just click the link below to be brought over to their site a see the map in all its glory.

The Rap Map by Rap Genius - Click Here!!!


  1. Um... Where are all the Old School References? Farmer's Blvd? Linden Blvd? Hollis - or at least the KFC in Hollis where you can place your quarter and an order of Large Fries, Big Mac? FAIL! if you ask me

  2. True... true. I see your point Matt, but you gotta admit that the guys who did this had his heart in the right place. He is probably a youngster, so I give em a bit of leeway. But I do see your point.

  3. There's a link you can click to suggest places. I did a few.