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August 4, 2010

5 Photos That Are Proof That Ghostface Killah Is Batshit Crazy

I always knew that Ghostface Killah was batshit crazy... ever since I saw a MTV interview with the Wu Tang Clan and Ghostface jumped in to inform the reporter that "Wu Tang is like a big ass fruit salad. Meth is like a mango, Rza like some grapes, Rae be like a strawberry..." I swear, you can not make shit like that up!!! But when I was searching for some pics for our Wu Tang Wednesday (see todays post!) I came across these 5 photos that convinced me that dude has some issues. Check these out and tell me I am wrong. Comments are requested below, I would love your take on these...

Does he really have a life size golden eagle as a bracelet? Really???

Is this guy really wearing a blue suede bathrobe with a dinner plate medallion and regular clothes underneath???

Jason mask and some jewlery... ok, tons of jewlery. Totally normal, right???

The name of the album was Fishscale, so obviously Ghost would be on the cover stuffing oversized sea bass with packets of cocaine, right??? WTF???

Another bathrobe, this time with Ghost's alias, Toney Starks, as in Iron Man on the back. One questions though... since when is Toney spelt Toney and not Tony???

Yeah, I said it the dude is freakin mental... now just do me a favor and do not tell him I said it.


  1. 1 - he really does have the eagle, he said it weighs 8 kilos

    2- the dinner plate medallion got stolen by a janitor at the source magazine photo shoot (first picture was from that shoot)

    3-Fishscale is a slang term for raw cocaine

    4- the spelling of Toney was maybe incase the owners of Iron Man tried 2 sue him or it could just be how he wanted it.

  2. your a fagget..WU FOREVER

  3. Um yeah.... let me address your concerns:

    1) I write a weekly column called "Wu Tang Wednesday" that celebrates all the great Wu music that they made. I love the Wu...

    2) If you are gonna use a slur against me, at least spell it right (it is faggot, you FAGGOT)

    3) You call me a "fagget", yet you comment as "Anonymous"... so whose scared to reveal their real identity? You... your mad suspect.

    You should check yourself before you come at me... get your facts straight. Dick....

  4. @Mr. MIke D...This guy looks as if he was annoyed at you because you didn't address his original comment so he came back with less to say.

    "love me daddy...acknowledge me, daddy"

  5. this is hilarious. nice one

  6. He doesn't have to be normal he's a rapper, an entertainer.

  7. the 1st anonymous persons reply is the only relevant comment to this garbage. you are not a true fan of anything let alone hip hop and you are literally an outright idiot. so stay in the suburbs, sit in front of your little computer or glued to your ridiculous phone & listen to your nice cute pop music kiddo. and no i do not have to leave my name. fuck you basically.

  8. Another country heard from... Born and raised in NYC. Never lived in the country douche. Secondly, and for the second time, I LOVE WU TANG. Have since 1992 when Protect Ya Neck had been circulating on underground radio like Stretch & Bobbitto. Don't come at me sideways... your corny. Talk about me sitting behind a computer screen, yet you are on MY PAGE leaving ME COMMENTS. Who is on whose dick? Herb...

    And once again, I love Ghost. But the dude is crazy as shit... why is that comment so controversial? He made a career over being over the top and nuts... I am celebrating his lunacy!

    Mad funny that 3 YEARS after I posted this I am still getting comments on it, yet the people hating say I'm irrelevant. If I was so IRRELEVANT, why you still searching out and reading my page??? Thanks for the admiration....

    1. I’m reading this 14 years later. I am watching HULU and he just stepped out the car with it on …. My bf mentioned “he really had that “ (he is a true fan) and I wanted to check online to see if he REALLY had one. I found this Article & thread that followed VERY entertaining.

  9. this is actually a really cool blog. keep up the good work! WU IS FOREVERRRR

  10. protect ya neck bitch ass punk. go listen to bieber cd faggot.

    1. If this is directed at the above chuckleheads who ripped me for celebrating one of my favorite rappers from one of my favorite groups, then I am all for it....

      But if you talking to me, you must not have read the article, any of the other 40 + WU Tang themed posts I have done here on CCD, or any of the above comments in this thread.

      I hope for you its the former and not the latter.... thanks for stopping bye!

  11. There are only three solid things in life,
    1) Death
    2) Taxes

  12. I am wanting to sex with this black mans bracelet. I'm suck the birds head and use for penetrate in bottom

  13. "I am wanting to sex with this black mans bracelet. I'm suck the birds head and use for penetrate in bottom"

    Someone please draw this! Joey? Tommy?! Glenn?! Let's make it some sort of art challenge out of this, prunt!

  14. Never heard of Andrew Toney it James Toney, huh 🤦🏿‍♂️