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July 14, 2010

You Look Like.... Celebrity/Muppet Edition

As we alll know, I love all things celebrity. I am also a huge fan of the Muppets in all the many forms they have taken over the years. The guys over at Unreality Magazine put these mashup pictures up the other day, and I have been laughing at just how acurate they are. These people really are walking cartoons... or those Muppets are some really weird looking people!!! Either way, its fun stuff. Whose missing from the list? What celebrity/Muppet combination do you think was left out? Write it up in the comment section...

Rolph/ Jorge Garcia

Animal/ Adrian Grenier

Gonzo/ Adrien Brody

Grog/ Bruce Vilance

Guy Smiley/ Ben Affleck

Sherlock Hemlock/ Jeff Foxworthy

Miss Piggy/ Tori Spelling

Pepe/ Steve Buscemi

John Hodgman/ Bunsen Honeydew