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July 9, 2010

True Bloody Love by Kate Jones - Episode 3.3 - It Hurts Me Too

***Editors Note: We saved this one for a while because of the off week for True Blood due to the 4th of July. We thought this would freshen you back up for Sunday's, all new, 4th episode of Season 4. Enjoy!!!

I’m sorry, fellow Blood lovers! I have been a very, very bad blogger. Unfortunately, my attention and detail to this episode was not as… attentive and detailed, I guess. But I did watch it, and I do know what was good and what was bad about it. This time I start with the least eventful things.

Arlene and Terry- The baby is most likely serial killer Rene’s, but Arlene didn’t tell Terry that!

Sam finally leaves his annoying family but they follow him to Bon Temps. This guy owns his own bar and some property, and it looks like his sleazy birth family want to take advantage of that.

Jason and Hoyt- Jason, after tackling a drug dealer in 'Hotshots', decides that he way want to become a cop. He is nervous about taking the test though, and has a dream where we glimpse a little bit of booty… you know the usual, “I’m nervous about something, so I am going to dream about me doing that something, only I am going to wind up naked while it is happening,” dream. Anyway, he wakes up from the dream to Hoyt screaming because he just found a dead, headless body in one of the ditches he was digging. We can only assume that that headless body belongs to…..

Jessica’s trucker! And we assume right. Fresh on the aftermath of having crazy, dirty sex with Tara, Franklin Mott shows up at the Compton house to give Jessica a gift- the trucker’s head! Now she owes him and he wants to know all about Bill and the Sookster.

Tara- after having the aforementioned sexcapade with creepy-as-hell Franklin, Tara is still sad about Eggs. Seriously, hooker, it’s been 3-5 days since your boyfriend was killed. You really needed to have 'feel better' sex before his body was in the ground? Anyway, Sookie wound up paying for a funeral for Eggs, and the two girls hug it out while mourning his death. Tara then goes to Merlotte’s and talks to Jason, who obviously still feels guilty about killing the guy… blah, blah, blah… get over it… The last we see of Tara, she is being glamoured by Franklin who wants to get in to Sookie’s house. Looks like Little Miss Jessica spilled the beans on something!

*Random side note: I am starting to think that maybe Eric hired Franklin to do some digging, since he clearly wants Bill out of the way. I have no idea though where they are going with this guy. It is totally different from the book.

OKAY- Now the continuation of the real story!

Sookie- Sookie shoots at the wolf that is in her house, but Eric takes the bullet, so that they can question wolfy. Once Eric starts bleeding, the wolf goes coo coo for Count Chocula (I made a funny cereal reference..hahah… no? Well, I tried.) and tries to get a taste of Eric’s yummy, Viking blood. Eric still is able to overpower the guy. Sookie looks in to the guys thoughts and hears something about Jackson, Mississippi. As soon as Sookie acknowledges that she heard something. Eric took a bite out of the wolf’s neck and killed that baddy mighty quick. You would think they would send someone a little stronger after a telepath who is completely protected by all things supernatural. Anyway, Eric and Sookie then bury the wolf in the cemetery and Eric acknowledges that he won’t be able to go to Jackson with Sookie to help her, saying it would be suicide for him. He wishes her luck.

Her luck appears while she is cleaning her house in the beautiful form of Alcide Hevereux. Alcide is a werewolf that was sent to Sookie by Eric for her protection. It turns out he owes Eric after Eric had helped Alcide’s dad out with some gambling debt. Alcide knows all about the werewolves in Jackson. They are a dangerous group and Alcide doesn’t care for them much, specifically because his longtime girlfriend recently left him for their leader.

*Random side: I cannot wait to meet Alcide’s girlfriend, the notorious Debbie Pelt. If you read the books, you know that this bitch is evil. I compare her to Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter series. She isn’t the worst bad guy around, but you might just hate her more.

Sookie and Alcide go off to Jackson and a were bar called 'Lou Pines' where a werewolf tries to rape the hell out of a lunchy looking Sookie. Alcide saves the day and then finds out that Debbie is engaged to Coot. That’s right! The badass werewolf with the most ridiculous name for the female anatomy ever! Cooter! I laugh just thinking about this. Personally, I don’t know if I would be able to date a man named Cooter, even if he looked like Eric. I would just laugh a lot… Cooter, I say. How do they think of these things?

Sadly Eric was not in a lot of this episode after burying the werewolf in Sookie’s cemetery. We only got to see him giving Lafayette a beautiful new Bentley with the promises of Lafayette being a very rich man if he continues to sell Eric (and Sophie-Anne’s) V. I think I would do anything he asked, but that’s just me. (So here is a random Eric in bed shot for all my ladies!!!)

Now back to the King of Mississippi’s palace. Unfortunately, Lorena survives being burnt alive, but we all knew that would be the case. Russell tells Bill that Lorena wants Sookie dead and, if Bill doesn’t switch his allegiance, Russell will make that happen.

Bill then dreams of the last time he saw his wife, Caroline. She was in their home, mourning their son Thomas. When Bill cries over the death of his son, Caroline sees the blood. Lorena storms in and makes Bill glamour his wife to forget that he was there. She says that the only way to show a human you care about them is to stay away from them. Bill declares his loyalty to Russell so that he stops the werewolf hunt for Sookie. Lorena still wants to kill her, but Russell has the final say on this matter.

Now arguably the most disturbing sex scene ever is about to happen.

Bill, obviously hating on Lorena for making him a vampire in the first place, taking away Caroline and now Sookie from him, tells Lorena she got what she wanted from him again and she kisses him. Rather then push her off him, he pushes her to the bed and screws her brains out. He then twists her head and breaks her neck so that he isn’t looking at her face, and screams.

So did the Lorena and Bill sex surprise you? It was pretty intense. I mean I’ve heard of “hate sex” and “angry sex” but this kind of takes the cake, huh?

Well, I am going to do my very best to have episode 4’s recap up by mid-next-week. Episode’s 5 and 6 may have to wait because I will be taking my vacation to the West coast. Yes, I will finally being seeing the stars in Los Angeles, the beautiful desert skies in Palm Springs and experiencing the perfect weather in San Diego. Also, I will be attending a few days of the 2010 International Comic-Con. You know that I can’t wait for that! Do you think Alexander Skarsgard will be there? I sure hope so!!! Please leave your comments below!!!


  1. Haha...The wolf bar was called 'Lou Pines'? Great! Isn't Lupo/Lupus/Lupin the name for wolf in other languages? If not, it's definitely the name of the Professor in Harry Potter that turns into a werewolf. Professor Lupin!

    I love little nods like little obsessive LOST brain didn't catch that until you wrote your recap.

    great recap this week!

    Take a lot of photos at Comic-Con. I;m sure Mike will wanna post them on the site when you get back. If not, just take a lot of photos so I can geek out to them myself!


  2. Oh, she will Jeff... Lots of TRON pics... lol!!!