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July 2, 2010

Trailer Trash Talking - Vol#8 by Kristen Grillo

Paranormal Activity 2: Directed by Tod Williams.  Release Date: October 22, 2010.

Hitting the internet scene this week and causing quite the quiff was the teaser trailer to the sequel of Paranormal Activity. Who even knew a second one was being made…and so soon! 

To my surprise, I actually like the teaser.  When I hit play, I already felt like I was being duped into watching those ghey (yet so, so cruel) video email pranks where you’re watching ducks swim in a pond and some exorcist, creep face mother-bitcher pops up and starts screamin’ maniacally in your grill piece until.  So anyway, I’m watchin’ the teaser and I immediately start to creep down at my desk.  And I’m creepin’ lower and lower….peepin’ one eye above a pile of paperwork to see what shit’s going to scream in my face next.  And well…..just check it out for yourself…..

While there really  isn’t much to go on here, like whose in it,  you can't deny that it still captures that creepy, eerie, watching with a blanket over your head sort of feel that the first film gave you.  The dog.  The baby in the crib! (::gasp:: oh no!)   The mirror doors in the bedroom & that sexy green mood lighting.  Chances are it won’t be extraordinary but it sure will be fun.  And just in time for the best holiday ever….Halloween!

KMG’s Anticipation Grade:  B

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  1. I didn't think they could pull this off but, I'll tell you way to scare me again is to put a demon in the room with a helpless puppy and and even more helpless baby in a one-zie.

    Sign me the f*ck up!