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July 1, 2010

Throwback Thursday #20 - 7/1/2010

Summer, summer, summertime... summertime!!! It's the 1st of July, and I just wanted to hit you with some old school jams to help you guys get through your day. Whether you are at work, at the crib, or on vacation, these songs are sure to bring back some memories!!! Enjoy.

Rap/ Hip-Hop - Audio Two - Top Billin'

RnB - Bel Biv Devoe - Poison

80's Rock - Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight

Reggae - Patra - Queen of the Pack


  1. Love this week's line up of throwbacks. I'm jammin' in my office, thanks to you. :)

  2. Top Billin.... wow, I have not heard that in ages... I remember blasting that in my first car, and at that time in 1993, it was considered ol' school... LOL many many many memories or "back in the day"... thanks,