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July 8, 2010

Some Cool T-Shirts For The Summer Time...

It's been a while since we previewed some cool t-shirts here on CCD, so I figured I would hit you guys with a few of the good ones that I have seen recently. Links to all the sites that are offering the shirts are included, as well as price and size information. Hope you guys like them. Here we go!!!

First up, the boys from Splitreason wonder just what would have happened if Han Solo had not found Luke when he was lost on Hoth. They present "Home Sweet Taun Taun" which shows one of the possible results.

It's not much, but its home. This shirt is 18.95 and comes in sizes from Small-XXL. I believe shipping is included. These guys have tons of great shirts, so check out all the other stuff they have to offer as well.

Next up, we have a Threadless entry that was extremely clever. It's a Ghostbuster's version of hot chocolate, featuring everyone's favorite figment of the wandering imagination, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Thank god Ray Stanz thought of this one... it just wouldn't work with a giant Jolly Rancher or chocolate covered banana, now would it???

This shirt comes in both ladies and gents, sizes Small-XXXL. It's $18.00 and I believe that includes shipping . They use American Apparel t's and always have innovative designs to fill up your dresser draws with. Get to it!!!

Lastly, we have a horror themed shirt from our friends over at Fright - Rags. This one is called "Team David" and show the Twilight crowd exactly which team Bella would choose, whether she liked it or not.

Gotta love when Vampire Jack Bauer kicks some Cullen ass!!! The shirt is $19.95, and shipping is free on orders of 60 bucks or more. This one says "sold out" right now, but they are going to be in stock within a few days (so the dudes from the site said!!!) They got tons of horror themed shirts, and many vintage 70's & 80's movie classic t's to choose from. Get the shopping kiddos...