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July 29, 2010

Reality Check- Summer Edition #3 by Kate Jones

Reality Check- Watching 'Big Brother'

During the first summer of my relationship with hubby, I started watching 'Big Brother' all because he liked it. Now, we still watch it, and it’s ALL ME! I love this voyeuristic nonsense! Food competitions! Twists! Back-dooring! SHOWMANCES! It’s the perfect summer show! It is on three nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday), and is also on Showtime 2 every night (Big Brother After Dark) though it is unedited. Also, if you are a real sicko, you can subscribe to the live feed and watch it all the time! Towards the end of the season, I usually become so obsessed with who is going to win that I check out other websites’ live feed updates. This season I am trying not to do that. I also don’t particularly hate or love any of the contestants just yet.

If you are thinking about trying this show out, tonight is a good time to start. So far only two people have been evicted (bisexual Annie, the saboteur, and princess Monet). So you will still be able to get a taste of most of the housemates. The people up for eviction are forty-something, sheriff Kathy from Arkansas, and Doctor Captain Kosher Andrew, a practicing Jew who is observing his religion in the house but lying about his profession. 'Head of Household' (HOH) Matt, a self-described genius who proclaims himself to be the best player in Big Brother history (watch out, Matt! People who count their chickens usually don’t go as far in this game) and who has also told everyone in the house that his wife is suffering from a rare disease, played it a little safe this week by putting up two floaters. Here are a few other things going on!

The Brigade- The alliance of Matt, Hayden, Lane and Enzo. This is a pretty successful secret alliance. They also have side alliance, but all are committed to The Brigade first. However, it is looking like Hayden might be swaying a little because of his showmance with Kristen.

Brendon and Rachel- Holy Moley! These two have gone beyond showmance quick. They are like totally in love. Rachel admitted she would sacrifice herself for Brendan in this game and that his love is more important than $500,000. Also, everybody seems to want to get them out but they have avoided elimination now three weeks in a row! I hope they stay a while. They are pretty entertaining.

Britney- She is about 5 feet and 90 pounds of TOTALLY- FREAKING-HILARIOUS! The girl’s nasty one liners sound like they come right out of me and my best friends’ bitch-sessions. For example, in her goodbye message to Monet, “ Who am I going to talk to about Kristen’s high-waisted pants or what we could do with Rachel’s hair extensions?” She also said that she’s afraid that all of Rachel’s STDs would be airborne when she wears short skirts. Her delivery is better than my explanations. See the below you tube clip.


  1. I love this show too. It's so deliciously evil and so much different than the British version of the same show (which I also watch). Enzo is my favorite just because he gave HIMSELF a nickname (Meow Meow) and it's only the greatest nickname ever. Britney is very cute but such a bitch and Matt, who is a self-procliaimed genius is an idiot with an idiot grin that I want to punch him in the head for. That is what I love about this show. No one to like or admire and everyone to hate. I love it when they cry. Cool. Keep posting on this topic.

  2. Thanks for the support! I will write more now that I know someone is reading it!

    Yeah- Enzo is pretty hilarious. Who gives himself THAT nickname?