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July 6, 2010

Pizzacones??? Yes Please...

Now this is a change of pace I want to try... I saw a post about this new version of pizza on my boy Cal's Blog a few days back, but he didn't mention that the store that sells them is located right here in NYC. K! Pizzacone is located on on 32nd st. and 5th ave. in Manhattan. The offer up these treats hot and fresh everyday with tons of toppings ranging from veggies to any kind of meat you can think of. They also offer breakfast and dessert versions, so there are plenty of crazy combos to formulate. At around 5 bucks a pop, they are not so pricey. Definitely a bit more then a regular slice, but c'mon... they gotta pay that crazy high Manhattan rent!!! I included a video from the K! Pizzacone store below for your viewing pleasure. I'm gonna hit this spot up soon, but if you guys have ever had one of these before, let me know in the comments below. Happy eating!!!