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July 27, 2010

Make Star Wars A Part Of Your Home Life Right Now

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... these cool ass products made a Star Wars nerd such as myself open my mouth in awe and declare their awesomeness!!!

First up, Darth Vader and Slave Leia aprons from Technabob. These are for when you need to get some grilling done and want to geek out at the same time. They both go for $24.99 and can be ordered now.

Next up, we got a pair of Addidas that take their looks striaght from Empire Strikes Back, when Han gets frozen in carbonite by Boba Fett. These SL-72's are banging, the colors are phenomenal, and the tongue has fucking Han Solo on it... what more do you want? They will be available in the fall, so check your local sneaker retailer.

Next up, we got the artistic stylings of the boys over at Hijinks Ensues. These guys draw some great art, and one of their comics mashes up the great Han/Greedo: Who Shot First debate with the JFK magic bullet theory. You can buy a copy of the print for just 10 bucks by clicking on the link above.

Do ya got a baby? Do ya want your padawan to rep Star Wars right? Well, look no further than this cool ass Princess Leia hairstyle hat for babies, that was handmade by the coolest fucking parents in the world. Be more creative and make your kids more cool shit like this. Than send us the links!... Please?

You got a Tom Tom GPS? You tired of getting directions shouted at you from that same damn monotone voice? Well now you can have Han Solo, Darth Vader, C-3PO, or Master Yoda himself telling you how to navigate that Kessel Run and what the quickest route back to Tatooine is. Just download the voices by clicking here. Also, check out these behind the scenes video of Vader and Yoda recording their lines... hysterical!

Hope you enjoy the products above. Clckk on the links and get these things to your house asap. Tell me what you guys think about everything in the comment section below.

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