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July 29, 2010

Lego Iconic Vol #1

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

" ...And I'll form the (plastic brick) head!" Lego 'Voltron' by Grand Admiral. It's made completely of Lego bricks and is rumored to break down into completely separate freely functioning lions. check out the rest of their Lego submissions!

Two great ideas from Sir Nadroj. The first, a sleek Lego brick Bentley and driver. The second,  the creepy film noir 'Black and White' done only in black, white and grey Lego bricks. Note the black blood spattered pavement. Check out all of their submissions. 'Lotta talent..'lotta talent!

'Lego Bentley' by Sir Nadroj

Click 'Read More' below for more Lego-citement.

'Black and White' by Sir Nadroj

The A-Team, fool! Lego design by 2 Much Caffeine check out the rest of their Lego submissions! I love it when a brick plan comes together!
'The A-Team'

I'm movin' in! SoftRae did an IMPECCABLE job on these Victorian Houses, I'd have a hard time telling these from real housing. Check the link to use the bathroom and kitchen all small scale Lego brick replicated!

Oh Bee-have! Lino M has some brilliant works up on Check out how intricate all of them are and leave some love on his page. Tell him CCD sent ya!

'Protector of the Great Queen'by Lino M
'Mountain Pearl' by Lino M

I saved my favorite this month for last ....Cole Blaq! This dude is super-talented. He's a graf artist who calls both Germany and the UK 'home' and has been getting is pieces up, not just on murals and street walls but, now through the use of Lego bricks. You'll see his graf name 'Cole' ablaze on the first two works below. With the next  six photos you'll see a slice of his ongoing 'Inside the Spraycan' themed series in which he actually constructs his spray can out of Lego bricks and in some cases exaggerates the cans inner workings to create master works! His next piece 'Water Dragon' is self explanatory and Hahhhht. There's his sleek Hummingbird racer and the final piece I chose of his entitled 'Audiobot aka The SpeakerBoxx' is a stereo speaker that's come to life and whose back opens to reveal a dance floor where the party is. (sigh) A-Mazing! He's got hundreds of pieces on his Flickr account. You'll be doing yourself a service checking out each and every one of them.
'Liquidation' by Cole Blaq

'The Burn' by Cole Blaq

'Inside the SprayCan' (with working guts) by Cole Blaq

'Inside the SparayCan Version 2.1' (Tribute to Akira)
by Cole Blaq

'Inside the SparayCan Version 2.2' by Cole Blaq

'SprayCan aka the Overkill' by Cole Blaq
'MaelStrom' by Cole Blaq

'Inside the SprayCan Version 2.3' by Cole Blaq

'Water Dragon' by Cole Blaq
'Hudson Hummingbird' by Cole Blaq

'AudioBot aka The SpeakerBoxx' (front)
by Cole Blaq
'AudioBot aka The SpeakerBoxx' (back)
by Cole Blaq

That's it for this month, Lego maniacs! I'll be compiling some of my new favorites and getting back at you monthly. Please submit any of your brick findings to me directly at 

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