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July 12, 2010

Intresting Shit From Around The Web

So here are a few things that I wanted to share with you guys last week, but never found the time to. Hope you enjoy!!!

First up, the boys over at Unreality Mag as well as a few hundred other sites published this handy guide to Kristen Stewart's reactions to all sorts of feelings... funny, they look somewhat similar, no??? This one goes out to Teressa F and all the rest of you K-Stew haters!!! (P.S.- TF, Can we get another rant please???)

Next up, did you ever wonder what masks Darth Vader might have passed on before he settled on "The Big Black Helmet of Death"??? There had to be a few choices, right??? At least he got The Emperor to help him along... his advice was always clutch... right???

Last up, we got a new video from The Killers former frontman Brandon Flowers. Now I am as much of a fan of The Killer's music as the next guy... but thats not exactly why I featured this video here. No, the reason the video is here is because it features the hot piece of ass that is Charlize Theron. Not only do you get the blonde bombshell (god she is hot!!!), but she is fighting FUCKING NINJAS for christ sake... NINJAS!!! I don't know about you guys, but thats good enough to make my blog...

Hope you guys enjoy!!!! Leave some comments, will ya...

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