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July 23, 2010

Eric Power Makes Paper Work For Him

So as I check my email inbox that is overloaded with tips from Jeff "Gmail Killer" Bond ( Honestly, dude sends me approximately 20 emails a day of great links) I try and pick out the best ones that I can adapt to fit on CCD. When I took a gander at the original art/film work being done over at Eric Power's website, I knew I had to get this link up as soon as possible. First, lets get an intro to Mr. Powers out of the way, via video from his page:

Now, lets get to the videos that I liked the best. First up, lets check out his Mortal Kombat series. It's called Mortal Kombat: Observations and combines some orginal filmaking and paper art animation done by the man himself as he reminisces over the craziness that was Mortal Kombat. I can still remember my man Joe Fletch teaching me countless fatalities on the original game at the Fudruckers game room on Crossbay Blvd (Whatup Fletch???)

Next up is Eric's interesting take on the Zelda series of games using paper animation. The following video has all 5 mini-episodes of the Zelda series, as well as a bonus Metroid bonus feature.

He also has a bunch of 5 second animated versions of movies. I checked out a few, but my favorite was his 5 second Evil Dead short.

I suggest you get over to Eric's site now (click on his name) and check out the tons of cool films he got going on. These are just the tip of the iceberg... my man is really talented. Tell us what you think in the comment section below... we want your feedback.

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