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June 16, 2010

Two Marvel/Animated TV Character Mashups Worth Exploring

In the wake of all the recent Marvel movie news, I thought these were two interesting mashups between Marvel characters and members of the animated television community that are absolutely awesome. Click the photos to enlarge each picture. 

First up, we have artists GottaBeCarl and his rendition of the stars of Futurama blended with The X-Men... this is just marvelous ( get it... Marvel, marvelous... oh jeez, tough crowd)

Next we have artist Roger Langridge and his version of characters from The Mighty Thor, if they were muppets. Kermit as Thor, Gonzo as Loki, Ms. Piggy as Sif... and the two cantankerous old critics Statler and Waldorf are in the backround. Awesome, totally awesome.

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