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June 21, 2010

True Blood Double Dip

This week was the second episode of True Blood season 3, and boy is shit getting crazy.... Nazi werewolves, vampire kidnappings, family reunions, and drug busts made for one pretty sick episode. Kate "Reality Check" Jones will be starting her recaps for the show this week, but there were two interesting tidbits of True Blood related info I thought I should share with you.

Deborah Ann Woll is the hot red headed actress that play s newbie vampire Jessica. We profiled her in OHC of the Day last week, and she seems to be becoming a very intergral part of the show this season. Well, Jessica wants to learn about how a vampire should act... so instead of waiting for Bill Compton to teach her, she is hitting the web!!! Jessica Hamby has started her own blog, which you can check out here. This is a really cool site that provides supplemental information about this seasons characters. Check in on Jessica and see what its like to learn a whole new lifestyle as one of the nightwalkers.

Next, here is something that took me completely by surprise. I had heard of a video that was circulating the web that was a sort of "tribute" song about Sookie Stackhouse by West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg. Entitled "Oh Sookie", Snoop professes his love for Bon Temps hottest waittress, and kicks some verses on how he ain't afraid of Bill Compton and his crew. I thought it had to be a joke, but I found the video and watched it. It was mildly entertaining, and then I dismissed it. But then...

After last nights episode, the video roled... on HBO!!! All the people who watched the show were now watching this soon to be viral video, and Facebook and Twitter started popping with people expressing their love for the song. So you know I had to bring it to you guys. How could I resist showing a video of Snoop rapping with 6 "Sookie" like dancers in front of Merlottes and asking Sookie to bring her girl Tara with her so he could " Give her some Eggs in her mouth"... hysterical. Check the video out and let us know what you think.


  1. 'drug busts'? Did I fall asleep an miss something?

  2. You must have, Jeff! They busted a meth lab 9with the help of Jason Stackhouse).

    Fuckin' Snoop, man. What a character! "Tru Nutz"... fuckin' great!

    I love Jessica.

  3. Dammit! Do you know how many times I had to keep rewinding it and watching it because I was falling asleep during it from the exhausting weekend!? Now I have to rewatch it a 3rd time!!

  4. Is Snoop serious? All I got out of that video was a douche chill.

  5. Joe, did you ask if Snoop is serious. This is the 98 pound rapper who has made a career out of being gangsta... as if anyone would be scared of those knocked kneed chicken legs if they were coming at them... not to mention the fact that he raps nothing but jibberish and nonsensical shit for his whole career.... I liked the eggs refernce to Tara though...hehehe...