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June 28, 2010

Tributes Abound @ The 2010 BET Awards

Last night was the 2010 BET Music Awards. While I have lost interest in the show, there were some interesting tributes last night. First up, we have Chris Brown doing MJ proud in a medley featuring Billy Jean, Remember the Time, Man in the Mirror and The Way You Make Me Feel. Check the video below.

Next, we have a career spanning tribute to one of my all time favorite artists, Prince. Newcomers Janelle Monet, Esperanza Spalding, and superstars Alicia Keyes and Patti Labelle tore into some of Prince's classic cuts. The highlight is the finale where they all join Labelle to finish out the touching tribute. Plus, the medley has two of my favorite Prince songs, Lets Go Crazy & Purple Rain. If the would have got Little Red Corvette in there... well, I might have died!!! Check the video below.

Hope you guys enjoy the videos. For me, the highlights of awards shows are the allstar tributes. These were two of the best I have seen. Hope you liked them. What songs should they have performed in a tribute to MJ or Prince that were left out??? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Didn't catch this last night. Alot of chatter about Chris Brown's breakdown in his rendition of 'Man in the Mirror' being a bit phony..but looks somewhat believable to me. he's a dickhead anyway. I choose Ne-Yo!

    On to watch the Prince tribute now!

  2. Eh, 'Prince' deserved a better tribute than that. I guess maybe he'll get it when he's dead.