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June 18, 2010

This Is The Lakers vs. Celtics That I Remember

Now that the Lakers have won the NBA title for a second straight year, I thought it was more appropriate to look at some pics from the Lakers vs. Celtics that I know and love... Lakers vs. Celtics and The NBA Playoffs for Sega Genesis. This is the first basketball game I remember that was realistic... it made Double Dribble look wild homo. The 16 bit graphics of the Genesis blew doors off the 8 bit Nintendo games, and this featured 8 playoff teams with the actual stars... Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem, Larry Legend, David "The Admiral" Robinson, Charles Barkley, and Tom " I Can Dunk The Ball From The 3 Point Line With No Problem" Chambers... if you ever played with Chambers and The Suns and performed this unstoppable dunk, you know what I mean!!!

Not only did you have the stars, but they had signature moves: MJ skywalked, Magic did the 'No Look Fake Pass', Larry Legend had the turn around J, and Chambers could fly from the 3pt line with his triple pump dunk. This is one of the few games that actually had Jordan in it, as he took himself out of the video game world for a long time (That's about to come to an end with a playable MJ character in the upcoming NBA 2k11 Basketball... wow!)

It also launched the company EA sports through the roof as the go-to company for sports games... these guys would go on to bring us The Bill Walsh College Football series, and the legendary John Madden NFL games... these three games kept me entertained for hours and exposed me to tons of players in the NFL and NBA that I would have never got to see due to fact that cable and ESPN were not so popular yet. Congrats to L.A. on winning another title, and thanks to the Lakers and The Celtics for all the memories.

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