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June 14, 2010

So These Are The Seven Evil Ex's Scott Pilgrim Needs To Defeat???

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my most anticipated film of the whole summer... and the more I see from it, the more I can not wait for it!!! It looks like Edgar Wright was the perfect pick to bring this comic book to the big screen. And the cast... well the cast looks awesome in their character costumes. Just take a look at the left, and you can see some of the resemblances that the actors have to their comic counterparts. They really got the look and feel of the comic to come through on the silver screen. The following posters have been released in the U.K. to promote the film.They showcase the seven evil ex boyfriends of Ramona Flowers, who is the apple of our hero Scott Pilgrim's eye. Will he be able to defeat these 7 ex's and prove to Ramona he is the one for her??? We shall see on August 11th. Enjoy the posters...

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