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June 15, 2010

OHC of the Day: Deborah Ann Woll

OHC stands for Obscure Hot Chick of the day... just another beautiful actress that you may or may not know as of yet... but we are sure you will soon. This installment is packed with photos of our 'Ginger' dream girl 'Deborah Ann Woll. You may have seen her in guest spots in such TV shows as 'ER','CS'I, 'MY Name Is Earl','Law and Order: SVU', and 'The Mentalist' and you may notice her amongst an all-star cast of familiar faces in the upcoming thriller 'Little Murder' but she is most known for her role as Bill Compton's adopted vampire temptress, Jessica Hamby,from HBO's hit show 'True Blood'. I wanna bite...I WANNA BITE!! Feast your fangs on this delicious carnivore:

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  1. She is quite delicious. I wish she would stalk me in a vampirish kind of way. Who doesn't want to live forever. I could spend 20 years just watching cartoons.

  2. Thanks!!! I was gonna suggest her to you, but you beat me to it! I love this bitch! I mean, this lady!