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June 11, 2010

Now These Are My Kind Of Vampires...

I am a huge horror movie fan and have been my whole entire life. I have been enamored with maniac killers and werwolves, zombies and monsters, and especially vampires ever since I was a little boy. I love it. But lately with Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diares, etc. things just seemed to have spiraled out of control. Vampires are supposed to be dark and sexual creatures that seduce their victims and then eat them. Thats kinda missing from Twilight... although I hope one of those rogue vampires happens to get a hold of Kristen Stewart and rips her constantly depressed looking throat out (I know, its not gonna happen) But I figured I would turn to freind of CCD Gwendolyn Eve Hill to put the sexiness back into being a vampire. In this next photo spread, Gwendolyn was shot turning Linsey Russell into a creature of the night by photographer Michael Drew. Do you like what you see??? Check out Gwendolyn's Facebook Photo Albums here. If I gotta become a vampire, god I hope these are the chicks who turn me. You wont have to chain me up. I'll be there with bells on!!! Enjoy the pics.

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