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June 9, 2010

Nike 78 Makes Modern Art Out Of Classic Kicks

Nike 78 is a collaborative artistiic movement that is taking place over in England right now. Over the past few months Nike has sent out different pairs of kicks to various artists of many disciplines, which they dub "Creatives", and asked them to use the actual sneaker to create some kind of modern art masterpieces. Just hearing about this peaked my interest, but once I actually saw the outcomes I was floored.

The online gallery launched on May 30th, which was the 32nd anniversary of Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman starting Blue Ribbon Sports. Blue Ribbon Sports would later become Nike in 1978. Over the years they have made some classic kicks, and they used tons of models in this Nike 78 project. All of the current sneaker/art project collaborations will be on display this year at the London Design Festival that takes place in September. Looking through the galleries, I thought I would show you guys my top 5 favorites. Then you can click the link here to see the whole project. Which ones did you guys think were the best? Which ones did you guys think were the craziest? I love the way these Londoners refer to sneakers as "trainers". Since most of us here in the States won't be able to make it across the pond for this exhibit, I hope these pictures do the art collaborations justice. Check it, Check it out... and leave some comments!!! 

Weiden + Kennedy Tokyo Lab Entry- Air Max 360 "Abuku Aquarium" Edition

Michael Robisnson Entry - Nike Waffle Trainer "26+" Edition

Andy Macgregor Entry - Air Max 93 "GalvaNike" Edition

Because Studio Entry - Air Max 2003 "Keep Going, Follow Me" Edition

Wieden and Kennedy London Entry- Nike Free "Free Your Mind" Edition

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