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June 4, 2010

Ke$ha... Dirty and I Love It

God, I love this filthy bitch... I just saw the video for this song, and kinda dug it because it had Yellow Submarine style animation and Busta Rhymes style day glo paint dancing... plus this filthy little fuck Ke$ha. God... I don't know why I love her trashy ass, but I do. Enjoy the vid...


  1. I expected more from you, Boss. Real women with actual class will overcome. I believe it!

  2. Hey... wait a minute... True, I do have a semi strange attraction to the semi scuzzy singer known as Ke$ha... but thats not why I posted this. I posted it cause I just saw this video and loved the Yellow Submarine style animation and the Busta Buss stule body paint and dancing... didnt you read the article...(oh, and cause I love this filthy fuck... you got me!!!)

  3. This horribel song is better than her last horrible song. My vote; she could probably get it.