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June 14, 2010

Is Brooklyn In The House... Without A Doubt!!!

Absolut has long been head of the pack when it comes to advertising campaigns. Even though the popularity of the vodka has waned since its heydays in the 80's in favor of Grey Goose and Kettle One, they still have the most creative advertising in the whole liquor industry. Frequently incorporating the silouette of their bottle into the campaign (see pic to your left), their ads are often very memorable and subliminal. I still actually perfer Absolut to Goose or Kettle, simply because when I started drinking vodka back in the early 90's Absolut was the top shelpf brand. Most people criticize Absolut for its quality, but it is a world class vodka and most of the preconcieved ideas about its lack of quality are in peoples heads. It is still great... and its cheaper than all these fancy-smancy high priced dick vodkas. 

The newest product that Absolut is offering is the "City Editons" line of vodkas. Each city edition has a new mix of ingredients and flavors that correspond to its particular city and a specially designed bottle by someone associated with the city. Boston, LA, New Orleans... they have all gotten their own editions. Now comes NY... and they knocked it out of the park!!! Legendary film producer and Brooklynite Spike Lee designed the bottle, which is a replica of his Cobble Hill brownstone. They couldn't have chosen a better embodiement of Brooklyn... and the taste??? Great. Simply Great. Its a mix of Red Apple and Ginger, and it reminds me of NY when I sip it I think about fall in my hometown city. Nice job Absolut... keep up the good work. Love the Brooklyn Bridge ad as well. Go get your drink on.... 

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