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June 14, 2010

Diddy and Aziz Ansari Want To Know... Who Is The Smoothest Man of the Year?

Is it this guy:

Or is it this guy:

Ciroc Vodka wants to know what you think. P.Diddy and Aziz Ansari are competing for the title of "Smoothest Man of the Year". The night before the contest, the two contestants met face to face for a bit of a standoff. The following video is the result, and every time I watch it I can not stop laughing. Hope you guys like the video. Keep getting it in Aziz... top of the world my dude!!!



  1. That's a pretty funny video. Thanks!

  2. I really can't get enough of these 2.
    I was never a huge fan of Diddy...but he's hilarious in 'Get Him to the Greek'...check it out.