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June 30, 2010

Crime? Illegal Money? A Jedi Craves None of These Things. But a Hutt, Well...


 Deviant Art contributor comfycushion87 gives us his take on Star Wars saga character Beldorian the Hutt. Of his work, comfy says:

"Ah, Beldorion the Hutt. A tragic figure. The only known Hutt to escape the trappings of organized crime to become a Jedi, and what happens? He falls to the dark side and becomes the despotic ruler of an entire planet. Must run in the genes. I drew a Beldorion a few years ago, and I decided it was high time I make him look a little more badass. This is the result. Beldorion appears in the Star Wars novel, 'Planet of Twilight' Enjoy."

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