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June 29, 2010

Alright, Alright... Ya Gotta Leave the Guy Alone Now

Michael Vick is one of the most dynamic players to ever put on a football helmet... but, due to stupid choices off the field and his decision to run a dog fighting ring, he lost everything. He lost his 100 million dollar contract, his ability to play in the NFL, and his freedom as he headed off to jail. To be honest, I was totally OK with this. He made huge mistakes, and the punishment fit the crime. But it seems nobody will ever leave the guy alone... ever.

Over the weekend, Vick was celebrating his 30th Birthday in Virginia. One of his co-defendants (one of the few who didn't rat on Vick) ,who also completed jail time, showed up uninvited to the party. Vick is not allowed to be around this person due to his parole, so his party asked the co-d to leave. He wouldn't, and he smacked cake at Vick. But Vick took the high road, already losing everything, and decided to walk away. The man was escorted out, and Vick left through the back. But then the worst thing that could happen for Vick happened... the irrate co-d got shot in the parking lot.

Now I know what you guys are going to say.... "Why cant this guy get his shit together?" And you would seem to be correct... but I feel lke this is a bit unfair. Even though what Vick did to innocent dogs was terrible, I truly believe he is sorry. He lost alot, more then most would imagine. Not only did he lose over 100 million dollars, but he also lost his freedom and reputation which, up until that point, was pretty stellar. But this time he tried to walk away as the court ordered him to. This guy who got shot is obviously a troublemaker, and caused a scene. Maybe he pissed of the wrong guy... I'm not sure. But we are a society of second and third chances. We give them to low life celebrities who take and deal drugs, drive drunk, and put peoples lives at stake  like Linsey Lohan and Britney Spears. We give them to performers like R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, who were accused of pedophilia and rape... we forgive a drug addict and spousal abuser like Charlie Sheen, and then reward him by making him the highest paid actor on TV. Cut Michael Vick some slack,OK. He's not perfect, but he is far from the worst famous person out there. Should he fuck up majorly again, then throw him under the bus but, don't break his shoes for trying to leave a confrontation and celebrating his birthday. He is entitled to that.   


  1. I should feel bad for Michael Vick because he lost everything? And he lost it because he was a scumbag animal abuser? Never. Let them make the biggest example of him. Until Lindsay Lohan kills a pitbull, I could give a rat shit less if she cokes herself to death.

    I loved Michael Vick. Watching him take charge as the Falcon's QB was one of the many exciting reasons to watch football. There are two major things a person could do that I personally feel should never be excused. One is child molestation/abuse/murder & the other is animal abuse. You have to be some real weak piece of trash to have done any of these in your lifetime. You know what Michael Vick is sorry for? Losing all that chedda. He didn't care then when those dogs were ripping each other's throats out. And he sure as hell don't care now.

  2. I have to agree. I would love to feel bad for a person who has the ability to lose 100 million dollars, and still have nice things and nice big birthday parties but I don't. Maybe with all of his money he still has, he could have paid security to keep out those people that he legally can't be around!

  3. No, no, no... u guys are missing the point of the whole piece. I dont feel bad for Mike Vick, not by a long shot. I just think everybody needs to leave him the fuck alone. He paid a large debt back to society... is it enough??? Well, thats debatable... I leave that up to each of you guys to make up your miind. But lets get one point straight... we forgive lots of other people for a lot of bad shit. You know how many people are killed by drunk drivers? But most celebs who are bagged for that offense (even repeatedly) are often slapped on the wrist. OJ killed his wife and her boy-toy, got away with it, and then wrote a book entitled "If I would have done it..." Are you kidding me. And dont even get me started on MJ... Jesus H Christ!!!! Listen, you can debate all you want on whether or not he raped little kids. But after all the drama, all the payoffs, the trial, etc... what did MJ say when they asked him if would sleep in bed with boys again??? What did he say??? "Sure I would... whats wrong with that" Whats wrong with that??? Come on guys... I was just saying that if the dude is trying to do right, people should give him a shot to do right. Chances are he will fuck up again... just look at OJ. But if dude wants to have a cake for his Bday and avoid Co-D's that he is supposed to avoid, you can't fault him for that. Thats all... never wanted anyone to feel bad for him. I certainly don't, but doesn't mean I don't want to see him get a fair shake at starting over.

  4. I see your point. However, if you want me to weigh every case individually, I could do that but what's the point? In Michael Vick's case, the guy in my opinion is doing much better than most people. The guy practically has his job back with the Eagles. I'm sure he sleeps nice and soundly on his 800 count sheet, king size bed in his penthouse. Good for him. But back to your point. Your question was, "He paid a large debt to society, is it enough?" My answer then is simply no. :)

  5. Whoa Whoa.

    Just 'cause Michael Jackson likes to snuggle up with a firm 8year old boy...there's no reason to drag HIM into this article. Sheesh.

    Can't a man snuggle a boy without all this hoopla!?