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May 5, 2010

Trailer Trash Talk Volume #4 by Kristen Grillo

Buried. Starring Ryan Reynolds
 Release Date: October 8, 2010

When I first heard of this film being viewed at Sundance back in January, I didn’t think much of it. An unknown director (Rodrigo Cort├ęs) was attached. It’s only well known lead was that of Ryan Reynolds. And the basic synopsis of “a man being buried alive” really didn’t leave much of an impression. “Big deal”, I thought. Like that’s never been done before. But reading a preview and actually viewing one can deliver two very different reactions. Most of the time when you read a movie’s synopsis it always sounds better than it actually is. With Buried the results for me couldn’t be more contrary. Mind you, this is a fucking TEASER trailer. It’s 1:10 long and it’s really all I need to make a sure decision that I want to see this film. Successfully, the trailer has sold me in record time. I wish there was a way to convince the film’s producers to keep this teaser as its only form of advertisement for the next five months. Any more reveal, and all its obscurity will start to deflate like a 60 year old pair of snack sacks. See for yourself:

(Sound is low. Turn the volume up.)

In case you’re not as impressed as I am, keep in mind the following: While the whole “buried alive” premise is surely nothing original, in my opinion it’s never been convincingly done before. Usually there is some sort of “gore, zombie terror” tied into it or some strange revenge plot that allows lazy writers to rely on the idea of being buried alive rather than incorporating it into an intelligent story. With Buried being independently financed and filled with mostly unknowns, the only way this movie COULD garnish attention is with an attractive tale to tell. That being said, the trailer leaves me with the uncomfortable desire of wanting to know more. I have to say, I’m itchin’ with anticipation here. I just hope I’m not hyping myself up into disappointment. Cause that certainly has been done before. Your thoughts? Let ‘em fly, kids.

Buried: Anticipation Grade: B

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  1. Interesting. I think Ryan Reynold's is a good actor (wish he did more good movies, though!)