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May 1, 2010

Today Is Free Comic Book Day

Today, May 1, 2010 is the annual Free Comic Book Day... let the celebrations begin. For all of you guys out there that don't speak Geek-o-neese, let me break it down for you. All the comic companies and distributors came up with this idea to help give back to comic book consumers and the stores that sell them. They provide the Comic Shops with a free book to give out to its customers, and the stores can give away something free to their loyal customers. Since people love free shit, the stores are packed... so everybody wins!!! Recently, the event has taken off. Getting endorsements by stars like director Kevin Smith and actor Milo Ventimiglia, the event has become a geek holiday of epic proportions. Each store has different things they do to celebrate, so check in to your local Mom and Pop spot and see whats going on. You can click the link here if you want to check out the official homepage. Enjoy, and get some free comics!!!

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