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May 24, 2010

A Moment Of Silence....

... for the greatest show in the history of Television. EVER...EVER!!! Thanks JJ, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof for 6 great years. I may not love it all and the questions sure are plentiful, but all in all, you guys are the best to have ever done it!!! This is a fitting way to not only wrap the show, but also a very successful Lost Week here at CCD. I think these pictures do it all justice. Enjoy!!!


  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Lost was the best show ever? sadly enough it didnt even have the best series finale of the week(24) and as far as greatest tv show ever? its "the wire" ftw. id be curious to know if you preferred this finale to the sopranos ending and if you preferred it to the battlestar finale...

  2. I feel like Lost is the best show that I have ever watched. I am trying to get into 24, as I have never watched it. Watching the 1st season has been so tedious, because its just so much stuff happening at once... and Jack Bauer's daughter is the worst character in TV history. The Wire was a phenomenal show, but you can not compare Cable and Network TV shows... cable shows can curse and show nudity + tons of violence, so they can take a story places a network show could. Thats just my opinion. I thought the Sopranos finale was great, and this Lost finale holds a similar place for me. Not happy, because I wish these shows would go forever... but content. Thats all I could say.