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May 23, 2010

Lost: Missing Pieces #7-13

Now I know that Lost has become a show that is all about questions... but like most people out there I WANT ANSWERS!!! A few years back, There was a writers strike that effected all te shows on TV. When that happened, many shows had to change/edit storylines that were going on because of shooting constraints. On Lost, a bunch of scenes were shot but could not be used for various reasons. So instead of wasting them Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof decided to take 13 of them and call them "Missing Pieces". They were post on and . They are clips that still fit into the story and are considered canon. Maybe they will shead some light on your questions. Here are episodes 7-13. Enjoy!

Missing Pieces Part 7- Artz and Craftz

Missing Pieces Part 8- Buried Secrets

Missing Pieces Part 9- Tropical Depression

Missing Pieces Part 10- Jack, Meet Ethan... Ethan, Jack

Missing Pieces Part 11- Jin's Tantrum


Missing Pieces Part 12- The Envelope

Missng Pieces Part 13- It Begin's

Hopefully, this sheads some light on some questions.... nah, but they were kinda cool, right? Enjoy the finale tonight at 7:30 pm.... Lost!!!!

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