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May 4, 2010

In A Perfect World, Sam Rockwell Would Be The Dark Knight...

I saw some links for this video a few weeks back, and I never got around to watch it. It features Sam Rockwell as Batman & Justin Long as Robin, and Robin is out on a first date with a girl. Batman wants to know where he is, but Robin wants to keep it low key and stay under the radar with this girl. Unfortunately, he works for the greatest detective in the world, so Batman tracks him down. Once the girl rejoins the table, hilarity ensues... Rockwell is so great in everything he does. This is no exception, as he is the standout in this fan style video. And check out Robin's panties... I mean briefs. No stockings on this boy wonder. All in all, to the average person it would be a pretty cornball video... but for geeks like me, this is gold!!! Hope you guys enjoy the clip.