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May 18, 2010


Everybody who reads Jeff's recaps knows how much contempt I have for Hugo "Hurley" Reyes... I can not stand the tubby bastard. But I must say that in this final season he has been annoying me less and less. I have come to except him in the Lost universe, despite the fact that his sheer girth makes his survival on the island the biggest stretch of reality this show has made so far. Mind you, this is a show featuring smoke monsters and time travel... but if you are 5 bills and you can survive for this long on a dessert island, you get my vote!!! I came across this Youtube compilation of all the times Hurley said "Dude" throughout the series. This video reminds me of the Sawyer "Son of a Bitch" video we posted awhile back... kind of funny as we approach the end of the show. Hope you enjoy!!!

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