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May 6, 2010

"Artin' It Up" Volume #5 by Tommy Lombardozzi

Hello, hello!  OK, so, this week I am doing something a little different. My theme this week corresponds with the highly-anticipated release of what is sure to be this summer’s first blockbuster movie, ‘IRON MAN 2’!

Since C.C.D. always has it’s thumb in the butthole of pop culture, I thought it’d be apropos to have my ‘Artin’ It Up’ article coincide with the opening of this movie… which actually looks like it may be better than the first! (And, unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2008, you know the first was pretty damned good!)

As some of you may know, I like comics. Since I was a kid. Some of my formative teenage years were spent pulling my prick in secrecy as I… no, wait, ignore that. Lemme try that again. Ahem. Some of my formative teenage years were spent either reading or drawing comic book characters. Specifically Marvel characters. In the last decade, these characters have become even more integrated into modern pop culture… via their movies and TV shows/cartoons. THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN was never one of my favorite characters. I didn’t DISLIKE him… he was just THERE. His book was just OK, so it never garnered much attention from me.In the early ‘90s, he was sort of just a “staple character”, like Captain America and Thor. Now these dudes are having a real comeback in the Marvel Universe, becoming real lynch pins of said world. Anyway, I am geeking here. Lemme stop.

I knew Iron Man just like a good comic nerd should. Again, he is still not one of my favorite characters, but he’s become a lot more interesting over the last decade in the books (leading S.H.I.E.L.D., advocating the superhero registration act!, bangin’ broads!) , and like I said, the movie was great.

So, I’ve decided to give propers to ol’ Shellhead by having this week’s ‘Artin’ It Up’ article exclusively feature Mr. Billionaire Playboy Tony Stark’s alter-ego, IRON MAN!  And speaking of exclusive, these drawings were done specifically for this blog! You’re seein’ them here first, you C.C.Degenerates! ENJOY!


Based on a fairly famous Joe Lieber splash page from issue one of Iron Man back in the early sixties, this is my version of this drawing. It’s fairly simple, depicting our hero in all his original, bulky glory! It’s done with marker, pen, and colored digitally. I also added some Photoshop filters for added effect & grit. Good fun.

Drawing #2: “DIGITAL IRON MAN”

I did a drawing of modern day Iron Man, flying it up nice. It was in pen marker, with very thin line work. When I scanned it in and started to color it, I hid the line layer (Photoshop talk, sorry) and the colors alone looked really cool to me! So, I omitted the outline and did some shading on the colors that were left. Then added that weird smoke shit behind him, and there ya go. It wound up being a completely digital creation.

For my last trick, I wanted something a “little” different. I thought I’d do another character that was going to be featured in the new movie. I thought I’d do Whiplash, but then it seemed weird to not stick to my all-Iron Man theme. So, WAR MACHINE was the next obvious choice, right? RIGHT! He’s sorta like Iron Man 2.0 (that was gay… sorry). But, I STILL wanted to do something different! Man, I’m so unique!!! Soooo… I give you…


Well that’s it for now, fuckos. I hope you liked my contribution to C.C.D. this week. I will see you all tonight at Midnight at the Sheepshead Bay UA Theater for ‘IRON MAN 2’! Popcorn’s on Mike D.!!!

Smile up!
PS. Tell your friends about this page! Stop dickin’ around!!!


  1. Great pics, TL. Lil' War Machine would make a great stuffed animal too. I was never really into Iron Man because I was never crazy about the Avengers(Thor had awesome hair but was a lame super hero). However, I really liked the last movie and I REALLY liked how they showed Stark's jerkiness. I didn't appreciate his imperfections in the comics but Downey Jr. has a knack for making the unlikeable, someone you want to hang out with.
    The UA at Sheepshead Bay??? Don't let the bedbugs bite ;)

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for commenting, baby!!!

  3. I like your rendition of the modern Iron Man best. Lately, the art I favor most has very little outline and no shading. This fits that description.
    Do you do any scarier stuff (Zombies, wolfmen, mummies, Dragoola's?? I'd like to see a horror-themed installment of 'Artin it up'. Maybe that's best left until October.