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April 8, 2010

Reality Check Vol. # 4 by Kate Jones

A few years ago I could care less about keeping up with much television. I picked a few shows that I thought were worth keeping up with, like Alias and Lost, but I cared more about being social (code- I was going out and getting drunk with my friends). Then in 2005, I met my future husband Rich, which awoke a sweeping desire to stay home more often. Still, we didn’t watch anything consistently (except Lost- don’t worry, Goldblum!) until the heavenly day when we moved into our own apartment and got…DVR! With this handy device, Rich and I slowly started watching anything that piqued our interest. We would watch Survivor when we were home and it was on, so now we taped Survivor. Same with Amazing Race and the Biggest Loser. Our summer belongs to Big Brother. When we’re bored, we watch MTV and VH1 Reality. It has come to a point where this stuff ALMOST outweighs the comedy and drama that we have always loved. Now lets get to this weeks most entertaining moments in reality TV!!!

Survivior: Heroes Vs. Villains

It was awful. I knew it was coming, but that didn’t make me feel better. My man, my hero, Boston Rob was booted when the insecure Jerri sided with Russell and the “honorable” Coach voted with no one. I understand Jerri’s reasoning. She didn’t trust Rob. He was a dirty player the last time he played. But here’s what I don’t understand. Why do you trust Russell?

Here’s a bit of background on Russell. He was the runner-up on Survivor: Samoa, the 19th season which aired right before this one. Ironically. Heroes vs. Villains was also taped in Samoa, on the very same camps that Russell and Co. were living on last season. Not only that, but Samoa didn’t air before Heroes and Villains started taping, which means that all of the heroes and villains taking part in Season 20 never saw how this guy worked. I don’t think that this is particularly fair, but that’s probably just because I frigging hate him. Instead, I will explain it the way Rob did to Dalton Ross over at EW during his exit interview. Out of all the seasons of survivor, and all of the crazy villains that we’ve seen, this guy was picked for the show. He must be a real villain. Rob knew it. How come the rest of them didn’t? Well, guys, because Russell is awesome at this game.

With Rob gone, the Heores are starting to look a lot better. Candice, Colby, J.T., Amanda and Rupert are looking pretty good right now. The Villains need to be worried. As of right now, they are about to weed off the rest of Rob’s alliance, unless, of course, Jerri realizes that Parvati, Russell and Danielle actually hate her. In that case, Russell still stays, because they are going to be crazy worried about physicality at challenges. Right now is the perfect time for Parvati and Danielle to make a girl alliance with Sandra and Courtney. Yes, they both suck, but they hate Coach and Jerri after this week and will probably do anything to stay in the game until after the merge.

I am excited for this week’s episode. Even with my boy gone, I think it’s going to play out pretty awesome.

Some other quick bits:

Jersey Shore: The cast is in Miami and will start taping Season 2 and MTV is starting to cast Season 3. Go get them, guidos!

Frank the Entertainer In A Basement Affair: Congrats to Kerry from Brooklyn on winning Frank’s heart. Perhaps though I should congratulate her more on losing him three days later. While I believe that Frank is good TV, no girl in her right mind should want to be with him. He sucked New York’s toes! Here’s to Kerry getting her own show and making it big. I’ve heard good things about her, and hope she gets the best!

American Idol: Is it even possible for Crystal not to win this season? That girl can sing!

The Amazing Race: The Cowboys are the first team ever to have gone from last place to first place while having an extra task to do. They are fabulous. Goodbye, Steve and Allie, you will be missed!

Celebrity Apprentice: Rod Blagojevich and Selita Ebanks got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am jealous, but will talk more about this reality show in my newest column called “Stuck in Little Whinging” coming soon!

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  1. I could care less about any of these shows, Kate... but I like your writing. Good job.

    And yes, once I got a DVR, I started watching more television as well. Though nothing I'd ever choose over going out (though no oen goes out anymore, so, I watch tv anyway. Bah.)