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April 30, 2010

The Comic Book Pull List #5 by James West

If you are not reading these books...

You should be... 'nuff said!

Hey kids. Now that my classes are over (finally) and finals are starting, I’ll have a little more time to keep up to date with the List here at CCD. Less homework and all that stuff. Here’s a quick review of the latest issues of the two best books, in my opinion, Marvel is currently putting out:

Nova #35

Last we saw Nova, he was stuck in a non-universe that’s a universe unto itself called “The Fault”, which is proving to be a bitch for everyone. He’s stuck in a “game”, on a team with and fighting against time-displaced heroes (namely an early Mr. Fantastic), which is being controlled by The Sphinx, who is fighting against his younger self for control of crystals. It’s a tad confusing trying to sum it up, but the book flows pretty well. It’s a bad sad though, as this may be one of the last issues. Nova and GotG will be put on temporary hiatus as Nova joins the Avengers and the Guardians…well…

Guardians of the Galaxy #24

Guardians has consistently been one of, if not my favorite comic book every month. I didn’t even know about pretty much any of the characters before it started back in Annihilation. Regardless, the sh*t hit the fan an ish or so ago when Adam Warlock became the Magus, who’s pretty much just an unimaginably powerful crazy version of himself. Lots of twists in this one, so I won’t give away too much…but I was totally shocked to find out who was in the cocoon. Seriously.

Ok kids, that was fun... make sure you support your local Mom n Pop Comic Shops... happy reading!!!


  1. This makes me sad that there aren't any more comic shops in my neighborhood anymore. Bastards. I mainly just buy collections/TPBs nowadays. But just the same, I appreciate your recommendations, James. Keep 'em comin'!

  2. Thanks, Tommy! I'm enjoying your art as well...really liked "The Curmudgeon" from the last post. As far as trades go, all this space stuff has been collected, starting with Annihilation. I highly recommend it.