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April 7, 2010

CCD Takes Over The Apple... 1 Ipad At A Time!!!

On Monday, my girlfirend Tara and I took a jaunt into Manhattan tohit up some cool spots that we like to shop at in the Village. While we were walking around the Prince St and Broadway area, I saw the Apple store and had to go inside to check out the Ipad that was just released. Once I got in front of one, I started playing with it. I went over to to see how the site looked on it, and it was awesome!!! So I did what any web publishing blogger would do... I saved it in the Ipad browser's favorites and snapped a photo with my cellphone for shameless self promotion. Good job Apple, at first glance the Ipad is sleek and works well. Any of you guys out there cop one yet??? And if so, how is it??? Do any of you guys plan on buying one of these wonderful gadgets anytime soon??? Let me know... Happy Ipadding!!!

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