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April 20, 2010

Big Daddy Vs. Batman: This Is Really Kick Ass

Kick Ass opened up at #2 at the box office this weekend, taking in around 19.5 million dollars. The majority of the "superheroes" featured in the movie are not super at all... they are regular teenagers in costume fghting crime. But there is one adult in the crew of teen vigalantes, and the character is Big Daddy. It is obvious that Big Daddy was modeled after Batman's costume... and Nic Cage even did his best Adam West impersonations while delivering his lines. So when Cage went on Jay Leno to promote his new movie, Leno thought it would be cool to pit self proffesed comic book geek Cage in a Batman trivia contest against 1966 Batman himself, Adam West. The following clip is the equivalent of a nerd wet dream, and you can see how excited Cage is when West comes out. The contest turned out to be humourus, and made for great TV. Go to theaters and catch Nic Cage and the crew in Kick Ass right now... it is unlike anything you have ever seen before in your life!!!

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