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April 21, 2010

"Artin' It Up" Volume #3 by Tommy Lombardozzi

Welcome To New Orleans!!!

Hey hey! Whattup, kids?! I hope you’ve all missed me! Well, this is my third week contributing to the C.C.D. blog, and so far it’s been fun. This week and last I’ve tried to give something extra to the page with exclusive, all-new content! And that shit ain’t easy! I’ve been drawing since 11pm tonight… and as I write this it’s 4:14am! (Mike, I hope you appreciate this, sonzo!) But truth be told, it is a challenge that I enjoy. (Fuck, my right hand hurts… from drawin’ it up! This is gonna be a bitch to type, so, lemme just get right to this week’s contribution. Time to ART IT THE FUUUCK UP!!!

Ok, so this week’s theme is… NEW ORLEANS!!!

Now, I don’t pretend to be any sort of expert on the Crescent City. I’ve only been there once, and I was drunk 95% of the time, so I don’t remember much. But, I’ve been watching the new HBO show ‘Treme’ (which is great so far! Tune in Sunday nights!), and while I was trying to come up with a theme for this week’s “Artin’ It Up” article, I thought “Why not New Orleans?!” I got on the internet, searched for some interesting photos, and adapted them Tommy-style! I have four BRAND NEW pieces of art to share with you this week… you lucky bastards! And as usual, I’ve employed several different styles and mediums to keep things interesting. Man, I’m good. So, here goes…

Nawlins Art #1: “THE AFTERMATH”

Well, let’s get the tragedy out of the way. It’s kinda hard to think of New Orleans nowadays without thinking of Hurricane Katrina. As I was going through photos on the interweb of Katrina’s aftermath (busted levees and all that), one photo stuck out; a house sitting on top of some trees and bushes! I thought it was interesting. So, I drew it. It’s done in crayon, colored pencil, and a bit of marker (the “blood”).


OK, let’s get the party started! N.O. is known as a great party city… and not only during Mardi Gras! Look at all the beads this guy’s sportin’! You KNOW he’s gonna see alotta tits! Probably some C’n’B, too! I call this dude “The Master of Ceremonies”… INDEED! The photo I took this from was tiny and blurry, so I have to make up some details, but I think I got the spirit of this character down. The photo was also really colorful… green suit, red cape, multi-colored beads, gold mask… but as I was drawing, I really liked it in black & white. So, that’s how you’re gettin’ it! It’s all ink & Sharpie marker. Enjoy!!!

Nawlins Art #3: “STREET MUSICIAN”

This was adapted from a simple photo of an ol’ black man playin’ his ‘bone, sitting on a milk crate. So, I did a simple drawing; big, bold marker lines, slight abstraction as far as perspective, and some digital coloring. I could do a whole series of Nawlins’ musicians… and maybe someday I will. But today you just get the ol’ black man playin’ his ‘bone, sitting on a milk crate. I bet he’s really good, too.

And, here’s the last piece for this week…

Nawlins Art #4: “PIRATE’S ALLEY”

I don’t know why it’s called Pirate’s Alley, but who cares?! What a great street! If you want more info, hit up Wikipedia… or call the New Orlean’s department of tourism! I’m just here to share some drawings, sucka! The photo that inspired this was of a dark, wet, lonely N.O. street. Rape Alley, anyone?! But seriously, it seemed like the kinda place you’d like to walk down after a night of heavy boozin’, tired and satisfied with your night of dirty Nawlins’ fun, ready for bed. Life is good. Ahhhh. Anyway, this is done in marker and pastel. I have never really used pastel before, which is why I chose them for this piece. Something different, y’know? They’re messy, but it was fun. I think I’ll use ‘em again! BIG DEAL! Ha.

So, that’s it for this week, C.C.Degenerates. I hope you’ve enjoyed my new shit. Keep coming back to the C.C.D. blog for new material EVERY DAY! (I only do “ARTIN’ IT UP” once a week, but Mike D. posts stuff everyday… plus there’s Kate Jone’s reality TV round up, “Reality Check”, Jeff Bond’s ‘Lost’ recap (and then some!) on Thursdays, and the brand new C.C. D. feature ‘Trailer Trash Talkin’ with Kristen Grillo’, where the little lady reviews movie trailers! Hot damn! This friggin’ blog provides fun for one and all! Tell your friends, and become a follower! Be one of the COOL KIDS!

So, until next week… fuck y’all!
Um, I mean… SMILE UP!

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