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April 13, 2010

2 New Mixtapes By DJ Shy To Take You Back... Way Back!!!

My boy DJ Shy and I have been friends for a minute, and when he gets to cutting, I am usually liking what I am hearing... with that being said, the current state of affairs in the music game is sucking some major donkey dick. This is especially true for Hip Hop and RnB, and it kills me to hear the same dogshit on the radio everyday and night. Now don't take this the wrong way... I like plenty of new music, and newer artists... but there is just something about the Old Skool that is comforting. Well, our boy DJ Shy is going to take you back to that comfort zone, and CCD is offering you not one but two new mixtapes to take you back down memory lane.

First, we have a 90's Hip Hop Classic Mix CD and it is fire. I dare you to listen to this and tell me it don't take you back. Way Back... Back into time!!! Check it out.

DJ Shy - 90's Hip Hop Mixtape

Next, we have another mixtape filled with some RnB classics... ah, the good ole days of black baby making music. God how I have missed you... Press Play, Stand Back, and Watch the panties drop...

DJ Shy - RnB Classics Mixtape

Just click, download, and you are on your way... your welcome people, your all welcome.