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March 1, 2010

This Is Sportscenter: Thanks For All The Memories

For all you people who live under a rock, or just are not sport fans, Sportscenter is a highlight show that airs at various times throughout the day on ESPN, the biggest sports cable network in the country. Most sportsfans watch the show at least once a day, but people obsessed with sports like me find ourselves watching the show multiple times a day for constant updates. The show features a rotating cast of anchors, both men and women, who all have their distinct brands of humor and catch phrases that make the show so great. But the best part about Sportscenter, or ESPN for that matter, are the series of commercials that they use to promote the show. Throughout the years there have been hundreds of these commercials, starring athletes, mascots, anchors and celebrities to illustrate what life must be like at the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conneticut. They are usually quite hilarious and make you appreciate good advertising as well as offering you a new prespective on atheletes you usually only see performing in their particular sport. For all you non sports fans out there, this is an oppurtunity for you to see great commercials you probably have never seen because you don't watch ESPN. You may not start liking sports because you watch these clips, but you will enjoy some funny stuff. It's a win-win for everybody

 This week, I chose a spot featuring NBA star Carmelo Anthony and a popular Marvel Comics character. After the 2008 Summer Olmpics, Carmelo got the nickname Captain America. The following is what happens when you think people are just way to into themselves...

I hope you enjoyed the following clip... and make sure you check back for more "This Is Sportscenter" clips in the fututre.

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