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March 31, 2010

The Real Batman & Robin... T-Shirt That Is

Our boys over at TeeFury are at it again, and this time the shirt of the day revolves around the greatest superhero duo of all time... Batman and Robin. There is only one catch. Artist Pe choses to portray the Dynamic Duo in their true animal forms, with utility belts of course. Like all TeeFury shirts, this shirt will only be available fo 24 HOURS and is just $9.00 US (plus $2.00 shipping). For 11 bucks, you are getting some hot fire. The left is the female cut and the right is male. Both shirts are charcoal gray and come in a full size run. Below is the link to connect you to TeeFury's website where you can order this wonderful shirt... but remember, you only have 24 HOURS!!! Hop to it. To the batcave!!! Shout out to Teevil and the rest of the crew over at TeeFury continuing to bring the hot threads everyday, allday.

Batman and Robin T-Shirt by TeeFury

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