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March 4, 2010

Kevin Smith Is Cool As Shit... Pass It On

Everyone knows I sweat Kevin Smith. I think he is a great director, and I love all of his movies (even Jersey Girl). I don't really have a favorite, but I think Clerks 2 is his funniest. His newest film, CopOut, stars Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan and is in theaters right now... Get out and go see it. But this post isn't about Kevin's films, no sir. It's about how down to earth and fucking cool Mr. Smith really is.

I have been getting accquainted with the social networking service Twitter over the past few weeks. If you are not familiar with Twitter, basically it is just digital bulletin board where people can post messages of 140 characters or less. This "micro-blogging"service is highlighted by celebrities who have embraced it and confirm their pages on the site. One of the most well known Twitter users is Kevin. He has over 1.5 million followers... that means 1.5 million people get updates from him. Smith is a frequent tweeter, having posted over 6500 updates since joining. And that is what makes this next story cooler.

While I was watching CopOut in the theater this weekend, I tweeted the following:

@ThatKevinSmith im watching #Copout in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Theater went crazy when beastie boys came on... well done, sir!

This tweet was sent to Smith. I sent a direct message to one of my favorite directors. But thats not the cool part... on March 1st, like two days later, Smith tweeted the following:

Via @YouDownWitC_C_D "im watching #Copout in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Theater went crazy when beastie boys came on" That makes me so happy.

He reposted my comment and answered it... Holy Fucking Shit. Yes, granted his answer is only 5 words... BUT HE FUCKING ANSWERED ME DIRECTLY!!! And for all you naysayers, take this into considearation. 1) He has 1.5 million followers, all of who can send him messages. 2) His movie opened this weekend, so he was flooded with even more messages then usual. 3) He includes most of the original post, so he is not left with much to work with since the message can only be 140 characters.

I think this is so cool, cause it shows that he takes the time to answer his fans. Thank you sir... it meant the world to me. I encourage all of you to join twitter, and after you begin to follow C_C_D (@YouDownWitC_C_D) become a follower of Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith). Good luck with CopOut, and thanks for filming it in my current hometown of Bayridge, Brooklyn.    

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