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March 6, 2010

It's Saturday: Lets All Go To The Movies

OK, OK... you made it through another week. And even though the weekend starts at 5 pm on Friday, most of us really don't start to enjoy our weekend until Saturday morning. Waking up and not having to go to the hell hole of a job that you occupy during the week is a relief of epic proportions. You can do whatever you want, and usually for me that involves wanting to hit up a movie theater at some point. The reasons why its a great idea to go to the movies are endless, but one reason I like it is that its a short term event (like 2,3 hours tops) that you can fit in anytime during a busy weekend. We all know whats playing at the Multiplex... everyday we are bombarded with ad's for movies in the newspaper, on the train, and on the radio. My then 3 year old son used to ask me what the date was, and when I would tell him, he would then immediately shout out the big movie that was opening that week. But in most cities across the US, there are alternative/boutique type theaters that show mostly independent and revival films. The independents are cool, but the revival films are the best. What better way to relive your childhood then seeing "Gremlins" on the big scree en after 20 years. Or maybe getting a chance to see something at the movies that you weren't around to see during it's original run. Either way it's a great activity for day or night. Here was going on in movies this week. Enjoy the fresh popcorn !!!

Opening March 5th: Alice In Wonderland (3-D and Imax), Brooklyn's Finest, Harlem Aria

Independent/International Releases: The Secret of the Kells (Animated, Ireland), A Prophet (France), Harlan: In The Shadow of Jew Suss (Documentary, Germany)

Special Screenings:

The Abyss, El Topo and Antichrist playing midnight shows on Saturday @ IFC Center (212) 924-7771

Raging Bull playing at 9:15 on Saturday, The Godfather playing at 1:30 pm on Sunday, Annie Hall playing at 4:45 on Sunday @ The Film Society of Lincoln Center (212) 875-5600

The Wizard of Oz is playing at 1 pm, 5:10 pm and 9:30 pm on Sunday @ The Film Forum (212)-727-8110

All of Tim Burtons classics playing @ Moma (various showtimes) (212)-708- 9480

Pick of the Week:

In Cameron's 1986 classic sequel to Alien, Sigourney Weaver rehashes her role as Ellen Ripley. She travels back to the planet where the original crew encountered the alien monsters in Alien, and she gets the pay back that she had been looking foward to for 57 years. Excellent effects, Cameron's penchant for a the deatails being just right, and allstar cast make this one of the greatest sci-fi movies in history. As Cameron hopes to hoist up the Academy Award this weekend, watching him earlier in his career will make you appreciate his genius that much more.

Playing a midnight show @ Landmark Sunshine Cinemas (212)-330-8182

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  1. I would love to see Aliens on the big screen. One of my favorites of all time!