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February 24, 2010

Sevz Cru Presents: Where Are They Now ??? Dancing Baby Edition

You ever catch yourself watching Vh1's Where Are They Now while you sit at home. The show downright amazes me. We often forget just how big something is when it's at the apex of it's popularity. Was Milli Vannili really that popular??? How much money did the cast of Family Ties make per episode??? It baffles your mind as you are taken back to a time when the subject of the documentary was on top of the world. These docs often contain the epic rise to stardom, the eventually fall from grace, and on occassion you get a redemption story. More often then not though, it's just bad, bad, bad. How some of these people fuck up such good oppurtunities, I'll have no idea... but it does make for good TV.

Way back in 1996, the internet was still young. It was a far cry from todays technologically savy people that includes everyone from ages 5 to 95. One of the only things that people did on the net back then was emails, and the majority of those emails were junk videos of crazy sht fowarded amongst friends. The Dancing Baby became a internet phenom, Hooked On A Feeling blaring out of your computer while he busted some moves. The Baby even crossed over to the mainstream, becoming a central character in Calista Flockheart's halucinations on Ally McBeal. He was featured on The Simpsons, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Millennium... the Baby was on top of the world. But what ever happen to that adorable baby as he grew up with all that money and fame??? Vh1 never had the guts to tell that story, but my boys over at Sevz Cru Studios felt that his story needed to be told. Get ready for the wild ride that is Where Are They Now: Dancing Baby edition... enjoy!!!

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