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February 2, 2010

The Return Of Wesley Snipes... Trailer for Brooklyn's Finest

I am a huge Wesley Snipes fan. It was hard to be a kid in the early 90's and not be. Wesley's portrayal of Crack Kingpin Nino Brown is the quintessential performance of a drug dealer... it ranks right up there with Pacino in Scarface and Johnny Depp in Blow. His no nonsense style and the fact that he was always one step ahead made Nino a great movie villian. He was that bad guy that you rooted for, and that came directly from Wesleys charm and flair that he put into the character. He made lots of movies after that, some good some bad. Highlights would be Sugar Hill, The Blade Trilogy, and US Marshalls. The lowlights would have to be To Wong Fu (He was the ugliest drag queen ever!!!) In the past few years Wesley has gone through some personal issues with the IRS. He had been dipping in and out of the country trying to hammer out a deal with prosecutors to avod jail time. This limited the amount of films he could shoot. But now the issue is resolved, and we got Wesley back 20 years later hit the streets once again.

Brooklyn's Finest looks to be a great film showing both sides of the coin... the drug dealers and criminals who plague hoods all over the country and the police that try to control them. Antoine Farqua did an excellent job protraying the West Coast in Training Day, garnering star Denzel Washington a Oscar win for Best Actor. California never looked so gritty, yet so beautiful then when it played the backdrop for Farqua's film. I am eager to see what he does with the NYC project backdrop, and even more excited to see what he does with this star filled cast. Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, and Don Cheadle join Snipes as three cops at very different points in their careers trying to toe the line between good and bad. This should be a fun one to watch at the theaters. It comes out March 5, 2010 and provides excellent counter programming to Burton's Alice in Wonderland. 


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