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February 11, 2010

Lost Recap Season 6 Episode 3 'What Kate Does' by Jeff Bond

I've been writing LOST episode recap blogs on my own for years now. Posting them everywhere from my large email friend-base to Myspace, to Lost board websites, to Facebook, to the blog site's of other friendly
'Losties'. Today I am honored to post the remaining recaps EXCLUSIVELY for Cultural Compulsive Disorder!!! Join me here each week for my futile Lost TV show ramblings, but tune in daily, no....hourly, for an endless array of movie, TV, music, comic book, fashion, and general geek-dom that Mr. Mike D provides. Take a moment now to make C.C.D one of your favorites, and please become a follower of the blog. Comments are also appreciated... Let's get involved here, peoples!!! So here... we... go!!!

 LOST Episode 6.3 Recap 'What Kate Does'

When we last left Kate-X she was on the run from the Marshall and she's got Claire-X in tow in the back seat of the taxi cab. My neck is still sore from trying to look over the seat to see if there was still
a 'baby bump'. Indeed there is! After a pit stop to get free of her handcuffs, for her trouble, Kate-X decides to give poor Claire-X a lift to her destination. The destination? Still seems to be to touch base with her future baby's adoptive parents, the Burkins, before the arrival of the bay-bee. Here's where things veer off our beaten path once more. It seems the adoptive parents have split up and the Claire-X's baby is no longer on their agenda. The news forces Claire-X into some major belly aches and Kate-X rushes her to 'Angel of Mercy' hospital to get the 'once over' from it's resident OBGYN baby doctor.....Ethan! (As per his lab coat name tag)

Things to note:

  • The baby sonogram Claire-X had taken on the same day flight 815-X landed, was dated October 22nd 2001 a full month from when we originally know flight 815 crashed September 22nd 2001. Is it possible there still WAS a flight 815 on Sept 22nd in Universe-X? If so, whowas on THAT one? Why the month lapse? Significance? Anyone? Anyone?
  • What's with this Ethan Rom vs. Etan Goodspeed stuff. He was initially introduced to us as Ethan Rom. Than we witnessed his birth in the 70's to the Goodspeeds. Now that he's living his alternate life in Universe-X he's Ethan Goodspeed again. Why the change to Rom in Universe 1.0 on the island? Any ideas, my cousins?
  • Seems as though Dr. Leslie Arzt-X is destined for a similar fate as his counterpart. In this episode he nearly gets run down by Kate-X's taxi cab. Look for Arzt-X to be plastered all over a crime scene near you in the very near future.
  • Those knowing looks and actions have continued in this weeks episode. If you recall, last week I hinted that I thought Jack-X might share a consciousness with Jack 1.0 due to his deja vu with Desmond and that nasty lingering cut on his neck that may or not have been obtained by Jack 1.0 before the leap. This week we see Kate-X glaring extra long at Jack-X as he waits for a ride with a little extra 'I know this guy' in her eyes. Does she remember him? Are they destined to meet again and share a doomed flight to the 'Twilight Zone'? One might start to believe so when Claire-X admits she intends to name her baby 'Aaron'(-X) because she knows that's supposed to be his name. Am I outta mah frickin' mind? What says you?
  • My ears perked up when I heard Claire-X was heading to Mrs. Burkin's house and that the address was on Langdon street. I know that address from a previous episode, I'm just drawing a blank which episode I heard it in and whose address it was in Universe 1.0. At first I thought it was Kate's address from the season 5 episode 'Little Prince' than I thought it was, Sawyer's Ex, Cassidy's address, but reviewing those episodes I am proven wrong. Who have we seen living on Langdon street in L.A. 1.0? Maybe MR. Burkin is someone we know and love...... or hate!? FIND THIS ADDRESS OR PROVE ME INSANE! Research people. Research!!
  • Back on island 1.0..... Kate & Jin are on the way to help find Sawyer who's escaped from the temple. They're being escorted by two Others to ensure their safe travel toward Sawyer and safer return back to the temple where they apparently need to be. One of those Others 'Aldo' is miffed at Kate for knocking him out during a Dharmaville prison break back in a previous season. Way to hold a grudge. Jin and Kate shake their escorts and part ways so that they can meet up privately with their respective would-be honeys. Once Kate finds Sawyer sulking back at New Otherton, she is heartbroken to find out Sawyer was planning an engagement to Juliet before she kicked it. Truly a sad moment, but I think these new elements will, ultimately, begin to thrust Sawyer into a new lease on life. Just hold tight Sawyer fans!

  • Meanwhile back at the Temple of Gloom. The Others' immediate leader,Dogen, is out of sorts. His hot tub has gone murky, he's knee deep in unwanted guests in the form of our 815ers and one of them's gone zombie. What to do....what to do? Seems like a perfect moment for good ol' fashioned torture break. In a scene very reminiscent of both Sayid's days as an Iraqi soldier specializing in torture aaaand also of his days early on, on Lost Island, when he, himself, was tortured by the island's resident french kook (that's kook not cook) Danielle Roussieu, Dogen and his right-hand. 'Other' man, the aptly named Lennon, break out the electrodes and hot pokers to ensure Sayid is as fine as they tell him he is and that he's going to be OK. Turns out he is....or isn't he? For as soon as the door hits Sayids ass on the way out, our Shanghai Noon duo is saying the complete opposite. Nothing is fine and everyhing's FAR from OK. The latter seemingly being the truth. Sayidpparently has been 'infected' by a 'blackness' that will spread until it claims his whole body and heads for his heart.

  • Dogen's been working on a remedy, though, in the form of a large green pill that they want Jack to administer to Sayid. Who else. Right? Jack refuses to give it to him unless Dogen comes clean on it's ingredients. Dogen won't give up the family recipe, so Jack decides to do what anyone would. (Yeah right) Ingest the unknown pill himself! Dogen wrestles Jack to the ground and dislodges the pill which is revealed to be poison meant for Sayid to do him in before he completely turns to the darkside. Seems the poison is fine for Sayid but not worth losing Jack over. It should be mentioned that Dogen can't administer the pill himself because of 'free will'. Free Will vs. Destiny seems to be playing a large role in our show. Let's keep a close eye on that theme from here on in... shall we?

  • This whole 'sickness', 'darkness', 'blackness', 'smoke monster', 'claiming' bit seems to be coming to a head. It's all ALMOST starting to make complete sense. ALMOST. The show closes with a voice over of Dogen telling Jack that he's sure of Sayid's infection because of what he has seen happening to Jack's sister Claire as we see Jin caught in a Roussieu-esque trap by none other than the islands new 'infection' ravaged, resident kook.......Claire. How is Dogen privy to the Jack-Claire relation? Take care, Claire....WASH....YOUR......HAIR.

And now for a quick game of 'Over Analyze the Episode Title Until You're Sick of Me', shall we?

  • 'What Kate Does'...WHAT...KATE...DOES. We're witnessing what our new 'Kate-X' does as opposed to what or old Kate 1.0 did....a lot of which seems destined down the same path.
  • What Kate Does' is a direct link to an episode from the previous season 'What Kate DID' which explains how she caused a fire killing her father Wayne whom she believed to be her abusive stepfather...but whom was really her abusive BIOLOGICAL father.
  • What Kate Does do is keep f*cking her sh*t, and everyone else's sh*t up! As Kate 1.0, poking her nose in on Sawyer when he's clearly over her. As Kate-X, lingering too long in the life of Claire-X and potentially screwing up two other lives! What Kate SHOULD do is focus on whatever it is she's destined to be doing in the realm of Lost. I haven't decided what that is yet but SHE better figure it out soon before she gets 2 shots of smoke monster to the dome.

No big hair-puller this week....nor a big bundle of long awaited answers, but overall a big step in the right direction and another entertaining episode. As always, please remain......




  1. As I digest this very useless episode (yet your recap is very helpful), you do know that the original crash took place on September 22, 2004 and not in 2001, right good sir? So my next thought to your thoughts: Is the sonogram really dated for October 22, 2001? Or should I consider this a light typo as well? Pardon my preciseness but as you know in the world of Lost, if the actual date is 3 years and 1 month OFF from our oiriginal storyline, well then that's a horse of a different color, Mr. Oz.

  2. Dear Skank

    You are correct! BOTH the original crash date of flight 815 in universe 1.0 aaaand the date flight 815-X landed in the 'flash sideways' universe were both in 2004!

    So thats 9/22/04 for the crash
    10/22/04 for the sonogram and safe landing day.

    I'm so jet lagged from all this time jumping I don't even remember my own birthday!

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    So what's your guess on the 1 month interval? Should we be worrying if there WAS in fact a flight 815 from Sydney to LAX on September 22 2004 in Universe-X?


  3. Dear JBiz,

    My guess? Like with most things about this show, not a clue. As of right now. I'll check back in with you. Keep up the good work here in CCD World.


  4. JB,

    I'm sad to say that I have not read any of your previous seasons Lost analysis posts. But I will be reading from here on out! I feel that I have missed so much.

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to next weeks episode and analysis.


  5. Thanks Joe

    Hang in there. I'm sure to confound you if your brain isn't moosh already from 5 seasons of this show.

    Please feel free to chime in whenever you're compelled to. 99.9% of the time I'm completely wrong about what I think I saw ...but sometimes the discussion helps.


  6. Regarding Ethan Rom1.0Goodspeed-X(now thats a mouthful)I am assuming is that poor poor Ethan 1.0 would have lost mommy & daddy dearest during the great Dharma purge of 1.0, and probably taken in by the Others and raised under another identity??

    What I'm concluding for U-X is that EthanX made it off the island during the 'women & children 1st' X-udus & grew up to be a vajay-jay baby doc.

    Entertaining recap- Keep up the good work!

  7. Ok.. in regards to Ethan - wasn't he introduced as Rom because he was pretending to be on the plane with everyone? Or like Bri said.

    in regards to Claire and the name.. didn't she say the same thing about picking the name on the island? that she just knew it was Aaron? i feel like she said that before..

    Sayid... infection.. so was Danielle not crazy after all? Were her comrades really infected with the Smoke Monster/Man in Black's bad mojo?

    Aaaand to piggy back off that - what about Claire (way back when) in the cabin with Christian and Locke, was she already infected then and was Christian really the Man in Black? ( i can't stop thinking about that scene)

    And what does all that mean? Has the Man in Black been trying to build forces against Jacob all this time? Is he trying to kill everyone on the island? Didn't he mention something like that before?.. Phew!

    Once again thanks Jeff for making this show all the more entertaining!

  8. Excellent Recap...If I already didn't think enough about the show, now I am thinking in all new directions! =) I love it! Sad that this is my 1st introductions to your blog. Joe and I both look fwd to reading your thought from here on out! =)

  9. Brilliant Bri

    So the theory you are positng is that, like baby Miles being rushed aboard the evacuation sub by his father Dr. Chang, Horace and Amy also saw their son Ethan off moments before 'The Incident' claimed the rest of the islands inhabitants and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in Universe-X? I hadn't thought of that! This would explain why Ethan-X kept his birth name....but why Ethan 1.0, who was introduced in to the Others fold may have been forced to chose to change it to Rom.

    The only thing I would point out is that the 'Purge' would never come to be on the island in Universe-X because the purge happened probably about 10-15 years after the 'Incident' in Universe 1.0. In Universe-X the isalnd and all it's inhabitants that didn't evacuate probably ceased to be after the 'Incident' sunk the island...if that's what did the job.

    Sounds pretty airtight. Great Job!

    Thanks for checking in an helping us out.

  10. Francie...

    I never gave up on Danielle Roussieu. As far as I'm concerned she's the ONLY member of the French team that the 'smoke monster', 'the blackness' and/or the 'infection' didn't 'claim. She's just a little loony tunes from spending 16 years on an island by herself, after some natives snatched her newborn and told her to 'keep walking in the opposite direction' if she heard the Others' trademark whispers. I'm loony tunes already and I've only been putting up with the island for 6 or 7 years!

    Sooo Ethan Goodspeed changed his name to Ethan Rom to fit in with the 815ers? This could make sense if there was an Ethan Rom on the manifest. If my memory serves me correctly I think Hurly was animate that Ethan WASN'T on the manifest at all. So if he changed his name just for that, he failed!...and got 2 shots to the dome for it, Creepy bastard!

    This Claire/Christian/Jacob/Smoke Monster scene intrigues me to NO END! The ash has been disturbed, Jacob's now moved out of the cabin and into the foot. Christian is there telling family stories to his daughter around the torch-fire and all of it has 'Smoke Monster' written ALLLLL over it!

    Did Smokey use Claire to break the ash circle so he could get in at the three little pigs (in this case Jacob) because he was tired of huffing and puffing around the perimeter? Seems like a good way to go about it would be to take the form of Dr. Shepherd senior, drag his daughter to the scene and tell her something that makes her go inside. 'Aaron's not back in the woods...he's right here in that cabin..go get him!'

    Is that when she was 'infected'?! PHEW!!

    i'm just throwin' that out there...I have no real clue.

    Thanks for putting all that together and handing it to me to digest. It needed revisiting and we'll find out for sure within weeks!

    Thanks for stopping in, reading and responding, you little Lost addict you. be sure to make C.C.D one of your favorites and have the incoming responses to your post sent to your email account.

    I love when you stir up controversy, kid!

  11. Katie!

    Thanks for stopping by. We're addicted to all things 'Lost'. Keep checking in. You'll start hearing a lot of kooky talk thrown around this blog spot. Maybe even something that makes sense once in awhile. We all try to stay away from the spoilers here..but we love to give our 2 cents. We're coo-coo for 'Lost', baby!


  12. Not much to say about this weeks episode, but here is why I feel this way. I got on the Lost Bandwagon a bit late (Season 3). Joe Armao gave me Season 1 and 2 on DVD and told me to watch it, it was the best show ever. I said I'd try, and watched both seasons in about 3 days. (I was unemployed, watching for about 18 hours straight at a time) I was hooked, and then season 3 started. I hated watching the show week to week, not because of the content but because there are so many characters that the show navigates away from time to time. It might take 2-3 shows to rotate back to a character. This sucks when you start formulating a theory and then have to wait for even a smidgeon of that character to be mentioned again. Even though you are watching the same show on DVD, you are watching multiple episodes at a time so you get more information at once. Its just more fulfilling. I stop watching Season 3 live, waited for the box set, and watched all the episodes over a weekend. I did the same with Season 4, but because I loved Jeff's Recaps I started watching Season 5 live. While a show like Lost provides you with enough challenges in trying to figure out what the f#ck is going on, the hardest part for me is the large gaps in between storyline rotation when watching live. I'm not knocking the writers, cause I really don't know how they have balanced writing all these characters for so long. But this weeks episode is an exact example of this.

    At the end of LAX pt. 2 we see Locke 2 carry Richard Alpert away over his shoulder... then we never get taken back to The Foot, The Beach, or Mr. Alpert in this episode. Not even a second... This is the stuff that makes me wanna rip my hair out. But it is always for a reason and despite the fact that there are many unexplained mysteries on Lost the writers always seem to "WOW" me... so we will see.

    P.S.- Thanks to all you guys who are reading Jeff's Recaps and now are becoming followers of C-C-D. I try to post as much as I can about a variety of topics, but if anyone has ideas for a story or wants to contribute, send me an email... Thank you Jeff and all the rest of you... You down with C-C-D? Yeah, you know me!!!

  13. anyone notice that the whale was the same stuffed animal that Kate would end up buying Aaron in the original timeline in "Something Nice Back Home?"

  14. "anyone notice that the whale was the same stuffed animal that Kate would end up buying Aaron in the original timeline in 'Something Nice Back Home'"

    So it would appear that even though most things are occurring drastically different, quite a few things are still seem destined to end up the same!

    Thanks for the info Jay!

    Mike....fortunately or unfortunately, I've been watching this show this way for 6 years now. I'd love to have been able to bang out a few episodes at a time but I've always had a week to speculate, get excited at the great episodes and disappointed at the 'filler'episodes like last weeks seemed to be for most viewers.

    Any other tidbits?

    We're only 1 day away, kids!