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February 28, 2010

Introducing: Reality Check by Kate Jones

A few years ago I could care less about keeping up with much television. I picked a few shows that I thought were worth keeping up with, like Alias and Lost, but I cared more about being social (code- I was going out and getting drunk with my friends). Then in 2005, I met my future husband Rich, which awoke a sweeping desire to stay home more often. Still, we didn’t watch anything consistently (except Lost- don’t worry, Goldblum!) until the heavenly day when we moved into our own apartment and got…DVR! With this handy device, Rich and I slowly started watching anything that piqued our interest. We would watch Survivor when we were home and it was on, so now we taped Survivor. Same with Amazing Race and the Biggest Loser. Our summer belongs to Big Brother. When we’re bored, we watch MTV and VH1 Reality. It has come to a point where this stuff ALMOST outweighs the comedy and drama that we have always loved.

All of that being said, we watch reality television solely for entertainment. It is intriguing to watch groups of people, most who have never met each other, in various situations that show what they will do with money or fame on the line. The lying, the cheating, the stealing, the hiding, the fighting, the physical strain, the plastic surgery… these people will do almost anything!

Now, I’m going to be talking about a few different kinds of reality television. First- Network Reality Television. This is usually the least trashy and most inspiring kind of reality show. These are competitions like my personal favorites, The Amazing Race, Survivor and The Biggest Loser, as well as America’s Next Top Model, Hell’s Kitchen, American Idol, and sometimes The Bachelor, Bachelorette and those Dance and Talent shows. Actually, most Bravo Reality shows are also in this category.

The second type of show revolves around families of one way or another. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, “The Girls Next Door” and any show like that from E! Also, anything having to do with exploiting your tiny, beautiful children, in true Jon & Kate fashion, will be covered in this category.

The third type is the most fascinatingly, simultaneously funny yet trashy mess that is known as MTV & VH1 Reality programming. No matter what I do, I can’t tear my eyes away from the “Love” shows and “Tool Academy.” It is all a horrible and awesome mess. Words can’t even describe the way that I feel about “Jersey Shore.” I can’t tell if I hate these people or if I am in some strange way totally infatuated with them. Also in this category is any show that happens to be on Fox Reality Channel. Have you ever seen “Battle of the Bods?” Arrogant and delusional women lead to a funny half hour.

Whether you share my love of this so called reality or not, I hope that you enjoy my future ramblings. I'll be checking in weekly to discuss the shows I love, and would love to hear you comments about Reality TV. Also, please click the Follow button on the right and become followers on C-C-D and Twitter.  Happy Viewing!!!!!!

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