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February 25, 2010

Here's AN Oldie But Goodie: Drunk Dick Gets Knocked Out By Female Olympian Gymnast

Being that the Winter Olympics are going on, I remember a really great clip I watched on Youtube a few years back. I absolutely love stories like this. Alicia Sacramone was a member of the Silver Medal gymnastics squad at The Bejing, Olympics. She is one of the rare gymnasts who is actually attractive and seems to have some sembelance of a life away from gymnastics. Right around the time of the Olympics (August 2008) a clip began to fly around the internet, but it wasn't of Alicia catching a flip of the horse or doing a floor routine. No, it took place at a party at Brown University. Alicia describes what happens in the clip as typical teenage behavior. Guy gets drunk, says something stupid. Chick tells him she could knowck him out. Guy laughs at chick, sticks out his chin, and says take your best shot. Chick, who happens to be a world class olympian who happens to have a -6% bodyfat, throws a left hook that would make Tyson proud. She connects with guys chin, guy stumbles, and promptly hits the floor... COMPLETELY KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!! This is an absolutely real clip... just to prove this, I have also included an actual intro piece done about Alicia by a news reporter before the olympics in which she discusses "The Punch". If you have seen this video before, your welcome for bringing back for your viewing pleasure. If you have never seen it... well, get ready to thank me. By the way, the rest of the news clip shows that Alicia is a mad cool chcik who seems to be down to earth. Good luck in everything you do from here on out. Maybe female UFC???

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