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January 26, 2010

Sneaker Freak Vol. 1: February Release

For those of you who do not know me, I am a sneaker freak. I have over 200 pairs of kicks and I love everything sneaker. My only problem is that I have lost the passion to want all the new releases that come out. Maybe its due to to many shoes being released every week, or maybe its due to the fact that punks wait on line to cop a pair of J's to turn right around and try to sell them for double. I hate that shit. I buy my kicks to wear them, I buy them cause I think there fly... not because its some collabo with another company that results in a must have fugly sneaker.

With that, I came across some pics of two upcoming releases from Jordan Brand. February is always a big month for #23... He always dropped the first edition of his new sneakers right before the NBA All Star break, usually the 2nd week in February. This year, the first Feb release will be a pair of Retro Jordan 6's in White/Black

These are a beautiful color combo from the model that the Jordan Brand has retroed the least. Both the Carmine 6's and The Black/Gold DMP came in a pack, so these are a long time coming. The Black/Red 6's were released last week and the Jordan guys promise more 6's to come.

The other news is on the New Jordan front. After the 23rd edition, the brand stopped using numbers and started using the year. This years 2010 model is hot, and is sure to be a great shoe to ball in (as most of the newer J's are). Here they are:

But the real news surrounding this new release is that they will be the first shoe worn by the newest member of Team Jordan, Dwanye Wade!!!! Here is a pic of Wade and His Airness....

Have fun out there sneaker shopping kids, and remember: Buy them cause you want them, Buy them so you can wear them, Buy them cause you love them... Happy hunting!!!!

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